About Us


After spending 2 years dabbling in just about every creative content endeavour we could, we’re here to replace the idea of the record label.

We’re a ‘music agency’…

Sounds simple, right? It is.

We believe that in this era of music business, the artist is everything. They are the business. They are the brand. They are the music. They are the boss.
We’re just here to make sure that each artist doesn’t have to waste time learning how to do everything (cuz it’s pretty complicated sometimes) or waste time doing absolutelyeverything (just some of the things), so that money can be made.

The artists we work with create cutting edge, globally accessible and always authentic music and they know how to run the business end of their music themselves (mostly). We’re just the team to fill the gaps and do the things that the artist doesn’t have time for. We’re just looking after the execution of the vision that surrounds the music.

We do management, bookings, publishing, distribution, marketing, PR, artistic development, organise touring, events, music videos, photoshoots, design and anything else that an artist would need to do to themselves to be able to earn income, but with the added benefit of our experience, our network and our history of content creation and project management.

The next few months are very exciting for us, with a slew of cutting edge EPs, albums, music videos, shows and the launch of some brand new musical projects!

Stay in touch…