The year in review: 2014 – A year of growth and focus

Having finished off 2013 with the launch of the rewardingly well received online and print versions of PLATFORM and contributing to a successful nationwide summer tour: PUMA Happy Holiday – a collaboration between PUMA, Jaegermeister, naas and Hotbox – 2014 held much promise.

The naas Collaborative decided it was tim

e to go shopping for some big boy pants and push everything to the next level. This involved continuing collaborating with young creatives to produce music videos, other film productions and music releases, while also applying the insights we had gathered from previous work to the more established area of advertising. This would allow us to inject an effective youthful outlook into various appropriate brands’ personalities – the most significant being an advert for Travelstart’s ‘We’ll answer anything!’ campaign.

Other activities included throwing events – mainly the PLATFORM events, which took place in Cape Town in April and in Johannesburg and Cape Town in September. A lot of friends and connections were made and valuable lessons were learnt through these events. The naasMUSIC compilations were also a fantastic highlight; SLIP SLOPPS BARDASSIE and LAAITIE (stream below) were released from December 2013 to June 2014. Each compilation had a name and theme relating to the time of year it was released and featured the absolute finest collection of South African bands and artists.

This direction then developed as the opportunity arose to provide brands with artists that we had worked with to write music for their adverts. This would require these artists to be published and have all of the documentation and administration required. Since many of the artists we had worked with and were really interested in had not yet undertaken the process, we decided we would offer to do it for them. This proved to be a challenging, but super interesting learning curve as the legal knowledge required meant plenty of research and back and forth between all of the reliable and helpful resources we could find.

It occurred to us through this process that, being musicians ourselves, working with musicians and assisting them in building and running their careers was what we really enjoyed doing. So the decision was made to continue offering all of our various creative, production and solution services, but through the focused medium of a music agency.

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